The Smart way of making double-digit return per month consistently

We don't have to gamble in stocks to make double digit returns consistently. In fact, we can actually make such returns safely and consistently by our unique and win-win derivatives trading partnership module.

Our experience shows us that a majority of  traders fall into two main categories:
A)Those that primarily aim for big returns and often take unnecessarily risks to achieve the same.
B)Those that are overly particular about safety and often forgo excellent money-making opportunities just because there’s a slight bit risk involved.The truth is.. if you want to make to satisfactory returns consistently with the money allocated for derivatives trading, you must learn to tread the middle path between the two.

Who Is Harshad Mehta – The 5,000 crore Rupee Scam

Harshad Mehta: From Pied Piper of the markets to India's best-known scamster 
I’ve been in touch with the stock market for a while now, and I realise that there are only two people that pop in the minds of people who associate the market with – Rajkesh Jhunjhunwalla and Harshad Mehta. Both are opposite sides of the coin in reputation, the former is a respected investor & the latter regarded as a scammer. However very few of us know exactly what Harshad Mehta did, including myself –

So I dove into all the information the internet could provide me and even so a movie based on the times of Harshad Mehta called ‘Gafla’ ..

Extra ordinaire stock trader jesse livermore

What's so interesting About Jesse Livermore?
Jesse Livermore was a self-made man trading with his own money - not other people's money, like modern investment banks and hedge funds. Depending how you measure it, his fortune peaked between 1.1 and 14.0 billion dollars in today’s money.Jesse Livermore lost and made millions of dollars while shorting the stock market in the early part of the 20th century.

His progress from office boy to Wall Street legend - his trading lessons - his triumphs and disasters - is probably the most
Even today, many stock and commodity traders owe Jesse Livermore a deep debt of gratitude for sharing his experiences in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator....

2 Must Needed Things To Become a Successful Trader

I inspired to write this article because of one reader’s mail asking me about “How To Become a Successful Trader”. So I thought that besides only answering him why not write an article for readers. To become a successful trader is as Easy as it is Difficult. It depends on yourself lf you are decided to become successful trader or not.